Opportunities at Oak Dental Partnership

Discover Your Path to Success with Tailored Partnership Options for New Clinics, Acquisitions, and DPO Integration.

Become A Partner & Transform Your Dental Career

Ready to grow your dental career without limits? Join Oak Dental Partnership and experience the freedom to focus on what you love: exceptional patient care. We empower dentists at all stages – from recent graduates to experienced veterans – with the tools and support to reach their full potential. Partner with us and unlock a brighter future for your career.

Start New Clinics

Own your dream clinic faster & smarter with Oak Dental. We co-pilot your success, securing prime locations, funding advertising, and optimizing costs. Launch with expert support, experience accelerated growth & high associate income, and enjoy shared resources & back-office support. Join our proven track record of successful startups and build your thriving practice. Start your dream career today – contact us for a free consultation!

Key Benefits

Prime Launchpad:

  • Secure ideal locations with favourable long-term leases, thanks to our expertise.
  • Access flexible financing options tailored to your needs.
  • Benefit from bulk pricing on design, construction, and equipment.
  • Get your clinic up and running smoothly with our turnkey implementation system.

Accelerated Growth Engine:

  • Boost patient influx from day one with a portion of your advertising budget funded by us.
  • Receive mentorship and training for you and your staff to ensure seamless operations.
  • Leverage our powerful in-house marketing and call center to maximize patient acquisition.
  • Expand your team efficiently with our support in sourcing qualified dentists and staff.

Cost Optimization & Shared Success:

  • Enjoy unparalleled savings on supplies and lab costs through our group buying power.
  • Focus on patient care, not paperwork, with our comprehensive back-office support (payroll, accounting, etc.).
  • Earn significant associate income compared to traditional startups, thanks to our high-performing clinics.
  • Benefit from strategic placement within our network, tapping into shared resources and expertise.

Proven Track Record, Promising Future:

  • We've successfully launched 15 startup clinics in the past five years, achieving an average annual production of $1.4 million within the first year.
  • Most clinics reach $2 million production ($500k EBITDA) with a $3 million valuation within 24 months.
  • Our strategic sectoring ensures you're well-positioned for continued growth and success.

Acquire Additional Clinics

Become a partner in explosive growth. With Oak Dental, seize prime acquisition opportunities, benefit from expert financing, and witness immediate patient influx through strategic advertising. Our clinics boast a proven 20% annual production boost, industry-leading efficiency, and maximized patient volume thanks to affordable pricing and extended hours. Don’t just acquire a clinic; acquire a growth machine. Elevate your practice with Oak Dental. Contact us today and unlock your true potential.

Key Benefits

Strategic Acquisition:

  • We identify high-growth clinics in dominating market sectors.
  • We thoroughly evaluate and appraise potential targets for a sound investment.
  • We secure favourable terms and pricing through expert negotiation.
  • We partner with you to finance the acquisition.
  • We jumpstart growth with targeted advertising support.

Operational Optimization:

  • Our powerful call center and marketing strategies attract new patients like magic.
  • We help you expand office hours and team size to meet demand.
  • We bring in specialists to minimize referrals and maximize revenue.
  • You enjoy industry-leading savings on supplies and lab costs.
  • We handle all your back-office needs (payroll, accounting, etc.) so you can focus on dentistry.

Proven Results, Exponential Growth:

  • We've acquired 20 clinics in 5 years, each experiencing an average 20% annual production boost.
  • Our clinics boast the highest average production per chair time in the industry.
  • We leverage affordable pricing and extended hours to maximize patient volume.

Roll Existing Clinics into DPO

Tired of juggling clinic growth with day-to-day operations? Our DPO model offers the perfect solution. Partner with Oak Dental and retain full control while experiencing explosive growth, fueled by our proven marketing strategies and industry-leading resources. Contact us today and discover how your clinic can thrive!

Key Benefits

Proven Results, Shared Success:

  • 20% average annual production growth for clinics joining our network.
  • 51% stake purchases from individuals and consolidators.
  • Upside potential: Share in the sale proceeds when your clinic thrives.

Seamless Integration, Maximum Support:

  • Expert valuation appraisal for your practice.
  • The majority of cash purchases are with DPO shares, and refinancing assistance is available if desired.
  • Dedicated marketing budget to fuel patient acquisition.
  • Industry-leading savings on supplies, lab costs, and back-office services.
  • Expert support in staffing, hiring specialists, and optimizing operations.

Focus on Dentistry, We Handle the Rest:

  • Our powerful marketing engine attracts new patients while you focus on what you do best.
  • Enjoy flexible work hours with our help in expanding your team.
  • Minimize referrals with access to specialists within the network.
  • Leave the paperwork to us and spend more time with your patients.

Unlock Growth & Financial Rewards

Imagine growing your dental practice faster, smarter, and with less strain on your wallet. At Oak Dental Partnership, we empower you to achieve success through various financial benefits. Ready to transform your practice? Partner with Oak Dental today and experience the difference. Contact us for a free consultation and discover how we can help you achieve your financial goals.

Key Benefits

Reduced Costs:

  • Streamlined construction & equipment: Benefit from our network discounts and expertise.
  • Negotiated vendor rates: Enjoy lower costs on supplies and Invisalign, boosting your bottom line.
  • Expert marketing: Drive new patients efficiently with our integrated marketing solutions.

Enhanced Capital Access:

  • Tailored financing: Secure favourable terms for clinic improvements and growth initiatives.
  • Targeted advertising funding: Invest in marketing that fuels patient acquisition without breaking the bank.

Rewarding Returns:

  • Increased associate income: Benefit from higher production thanks to our growth strategies.
  • Shared appreciation: Enjoy potential profit sharing when your practice thrives and our network expands.
  • Expand your empire: Build a multi-clinic sector and unlock even greater rewards.

Oak Dental Partnership vs Traditional DSOs

Oak Dental Partnership

True partnership with long-term ownership
Ongoing growth through marketing expertise
Full vertical integration
Complete clinical autonomy
Financially responsible
Focus on affordable care

Traditional DSOs

Dentists working as associates with capped upside if any
Revenues plateau after modest growth
Limited value-add from head office
Centralized management
High debt load and overhead
Focus on patient spending