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  • Financial Responsibility
  • Organic Growth
  • Vertical Integration
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Partner with Oak Dental and focus on what you do best – delivering exceptional care – while we handle the rest.
Growing Network, Growing Smiles

70+ Clinics Across Canada

Oak Dental Partnership is Canada’s third-largest and fastest-growing dental group, boasting a network of over 70 clinics and achieving annualized revenues exceeding $130 million, marked by industry-leading growth featuring 20-25% same-clinic expansion.

Join the A-Team for Lasting Success!

Attention recent graduates and first-time owners! At Oak Dental Partnership, we collaborate with you every step of the way, whether you’re eager to establish new clinics from the ground up, acquire existing ones, or integrate your owned clinics into Oak Dental Group. Our partnership model ensures you receive professional support while retaining clinical autonomy, allowing you to focus solely on patient care rather than administrative tasks. Enjoy exclusive group discounts, concentrate on growing your practice, and seize the opportunity to become a partial owner, facilitating increased revenue and ongoing education.
Partner with Confidence

Oak Dental Partnership's Winning Formula

Achieving organic growth through marketing prowess, our focus on affordable pricing and service excellence has resulted in high retention rates and a steady influx of organic leads. With bulk advertising capabilities and a strategic sector model integration, we’ve positioned ourselves for sustained success in the competitive landscape.
Financial Support > Marketing Services > Field Operation Support > Human Resource Support > Finding Strategic Locations

What People Are Saying About Us

"As a seasoned dentist who built my practice from the ground up, I'm wary of DSOs. However, OAK Dental caught my attention with their unique partnership model. They offer true ownership, not just a job, which aligns perfectly with my desire for control and long-term investment. Their vertical integration and cost-effective marketing strategies impressed me, promising growth without sacrificing financial stability. While I value my clinical autonomy, the support system in areas like operations and marketing is tempting. It could free up my time and allow me to focus on what I do best – treating patients. I'm definitely taking a closer look at OAK."

Dr. Bob Jones


"Being a millennial dentist, I crave cutting-edge technology and data-driven insights. OAK Dental ticks both boxes! Their investment in the latest dental tech and advanced marketing analytics is impressive. Plus, their regional sector model taps into the power of big data, providing valuable insights into my local market. I also appreciate their flexible partnership options, whether it's starting a new clinic or integrating my existing one. With OAK, I can leverage their expertise while maintaining my individual practice style. This could be the tech-powered boost my practice needs to thrive in the digital age."

Dr. Manjot Dhaliwal


"As a dentist deeply rooted in my community, I prioritize personalized care and patient relationships. OAK Dental's emphasis on local partnerships resonates with me. They understand the importance of understanding community needs and tailoring services accordingly. While collaborating with other dentists is always valuable, their mentorship and collaborative spirit seem genuine. It's not just about numbers; it's about fostering a supportive network of passionate professionals. Plus, their affordable care approach ensures my services are accessible to everyone in the community. OAK might be the perfect partner to help me continue providing quality care while expanding my reach."

Dr. Kevin Kalin


"I built my career on pushing boundaries and achieving ambitious goals. OAK Dental's rapid growth and clear vision for the future speak volumes. Their partnership model empowers dentists like me to own a piece of that success, not just be an employee. I'm intrigued by their regional dominance strategy and the potential for market leadership. They offer the resources and support I need to take my practice to the next level, whether it's starting new clinics or acquiring existing ones. This isn't just about personal growth; it's about shaping the future of dentistry alongside a driven and innovative team. OAK could be the launchpad for my next big professional leap."

Dr. Kelly Brooke


"Balancing my dental practice with personal life has become a constant struggle. OAK Dental's promise of comprehensive business support caught my eye. Their team handles marketing, operations, and other administrative tasks, freeing me to focus on my patients and spend more time with my family. This work-life balance approach is music to my ears! But it's not just about offloading tasks; they also ensure clinical autonomy, so my treatment philosophy remains in my hands. Plus, their supportive community could provide valuable peer-to-peer learning and networking opportunities. So, if I can finally reclaim control of my schedule without compromising my dental passion, OAK Dental might be the key to a more fulfilling and balanced life."

Dr. Prakarsh Dwivedi


FAQs & Answers

Q: How did Oak Dental Partnership get started?

A: Oak Dental Partnership was founded by three doctors (Dr. Tanya Khattra, Dr. Terry Orsten, and Dr. Deb Crowfoot) who shared a vision of making high-quality dental care accessible to everyone. They created a network of clinics that prioritize patient well-being and dentist satisfaction.

Q: What kind of support does Oak Dental Partnership offer?

A: We collaborate closely with you, focusing on organic growth, affordable care for your patients, and streamlined operations through centralized resources. Our regional expertise helps you thrive in your market, while we assist with financial management and budgeting for peace of mind. Let's grow together!

Q: I'm interested in partnering. What are the first steps?

A: Simply contact us and we'll guide you through a tailored process:
  • Discuss your goals: Share your vision and expectations in an introductory call.
  • Assess your practice: Let us evaluate your potential and network fit.
  • Explore options: Discover the partnership model and its benefits in detail.
  • Finalize your decision: Negotiate terms and complete due diligence with confidence.

Q: Is my practice a good fit for Oak Dental Partnership?

A: Oak Dental Partnership typically seeks practices with strong patient bases, good reputations, and commitment to quality care. They also value dentists who are collaborative and open to growth. You can contact them for a preliminary assessment.

Q: What things should I consider when selling my practice?

A: Consider key factors like valuation, taxes, and payment options. Think about your patients and staff – ensure a smooth transition and their care continues. Lastly, reflect on your priorities – are you ready for changes in your role and ongoing commitment? Carefully weigh these aspects before making the decision.

Q: Who is eligible to partner with Oak Dental Partnership?

A: Oak Dental Partnership welcomes various types of dentists seeking to grow their practice and share their commitment to high-quality patient care. Here are some potential partners:
  • Recent Graduates & First-Time Owners: Aspiring to own clinics but need more infrastructure and capital for expansion.
  • Experienced Owners: Looking to open new clinics or acquire and expand existing ones.
  • Consolidators: Seeking to join a rapidly growing partnership and maximize long-term value.

Q: What partnership opportunities does Oak Dental Partnership offer?

A: Whether you're a seasoned dentist or dreaming of a fresh start, Oak Dental Partnership has you covered. Launch a new clinic with our comprehensive support, acquire an existing practice perfectly suited to your goals, or join the network while retaining ownership and clinical freedom. Grow your practice, lighten your load, and focus on what you do best: creating healthy smiles!